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French full milk powder
GL 26/ 10 BUTI

GL 26/ 10 BUTI is a fat dairy preparation in spray powder.
This ingredient is obtained by a dehydration process of a preparation made of milk components,
strictly selected for their functionality and organoleptic properties, and emulsified milk cream.
The product shows a high dispersibility and an excellent solubility.


GL 26/ 10 BUTI can replace partially or totally full-cream milk powder in food industry. It allows to optimize the functionality and the organoleptic properties of finished goods while
reducing their cost price in a significant way.
Ingriedients: lactose and milk protein, cream.

Analytical specifications (approximate values):
Moisture < 3,0 %
Lactose: 55,2 % (+/- 2,5 %)
Proteins: 10,0 % (min. 9,0 %)
Ashes: 5,8 % (max. 6,6 %)
Lipids: 26,0 % (+/- 1,5 %)
Scorched particles: Disc A – B max.
Energy-giving values/ 100 g: 507 Kcal

Microbiological Specifications:
Total plate count: < 50 000/ g Yeast and moulds: < 100/ g
Coliforms: <5/ g Pathogen germs: none

– bag of 25 kg on lost pallet 100 x 120 – 1 000 kg

Using advices:
Add 0, 9 litre of water for 131 g de GL 26/ 10 BUTI.
Water solution of Gl 26/ 10 BUTI can be unstable at a temperature above 80 0C.
Therefore it is recommended to mix it with other ingredients before bringing to the boil.
Storage – Preservation:

Store in dry cool and clean place 1 year.
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