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Tejpor üzem, BudaFamilyKFT üzemWe established the legal predecessor of Buda Family Kft, the Kvartett Gmk in 1985.
In 1994 we established the Buda Family Bt as a family enterprise and started the production of milk powder products, based on our own, patented process. We produced different kinds of milk powders with various protein and fat content for the bakery, wafer, ice-cream and confectionery industries in the demanded rations. In 1996, with the merger of the Kvartett Gmk and the Buda Family Bt we established the Buda Family Kft. The siness philosophy of our company is to introduce our products to a wider and wider range of domestic customers by producing excellent quality milk powder and milk powder mixes and to gain them by satisfying their needs. Beyond our domestic partners, we also aim to form partnerships with companies abroad. This is why we continue our production which satisfies domestic and international needs on more than 1000 m2 European level facility. Based on the records of the production log, the quality of applied raw materials and final products, their production time, expiry dates and rations are continuously retraceable.
Despite the ever-hardening market competition, turnover of the company has been steady in the past years and moreover, it has been growing due to our continuously broadening international partnerships. By exploring the emerging market possibilities, we strive to broaden the destinations of our products.

A guarantee of our quality standards: no quality reclamation occurred during our more than one decade operation.

Our EU registry code: HU 421

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